Mikkel Hjort-Pedersen has been directing films since 2017, and is especially interested in experimenting with tone and genre. He believes that humor and lightheartedness can be powerful tools for conveying important messages, even in serious contexts.

Being someone who’s energetic and often tends to act as a self-ironic entertainer, this translates to his on-set persona too. Whether that may be dancing with the cast from behind the camera, screaming along with a crowd in a stadium or even stripping down in front of the players of the Danish men’s national football team, he's always looking to make sure his cast reaches even the people in the back.

Despite his playful approach, Mikkel always strives to stay sincere to the messages he wants to convey. He firmly believes in having his films speak to his audience at eye level, preferring pats on the shoulder rather than lectures.

Often editing and color grading his own projects, Mikkel enjoys thoroughly planning every step of the filmmaking process, while still knowing how good collaboration with others always elevate the final product.